Cat Condo Is A Great Choice For Your Apartment Dwelling Pet

on Monday, June 13, 2011
Don't let the size of your living space keep you from bringing home a pet that will bring you years of enjoyment. A cat condo is a multi-function piece of furniture that will keep your kitty happy without taking over your apartment.
My friend recently downsized from a large farmhouse to a small apartment. She is debating on getting a kitten for several reasons one being she doesn't want an enormous cat tree in her small place. I explained to her that a big tower is not the only way to give her potential feline a variety of play and exercise options. A smaller piece of furniture like a cat condo can accomplish the same thing.
A cat condo can vary in size and function. With a little shopping effort (don't forget about the internet), you can find that one perfect piece to give your pet something to play with, scratch on, hide under and sleep in -- all at under 10 inches high. That's all he needs in addition to a loving, attentive owner like you!
Some people have concerns about odors and hair when they house a kitty in small living quarters. If you change the litter box often, not only will your kitten appreciate it, you'll greatly minimize the smell. You may also find an enclosed litter box helpful with that. And finally, choose your pet food wisely (you may need to experiment) as she will eventually eliminate what you feed her.
Keeping pet hair to a minimum requires a two-pronged approach: regular vacuuming and brushing your cat. Many people swear by the robotic sweepers as you can turn them on and go. It also might keep kitty entertained for a bit as an added bonus! There are no robots to comb your feline friend but you won't want to give up that special time when you can show her you care. She will love the daily attention and you'll accomplish your ulterior motive of less hair all around.
The bottom line is that if you want a cat, there are ways to deal with every issue. Don't let your living space (or lack thereof) keep you from bringing into your home a kitty that can bring you so much love. From a cat condo to regular brushing, there are easy solutions for you and your pet.
As a long-time pet owner, Julie is passionate about supporting animal health and wellness. As a board member of her local rescue league, she understands the value proper mental and physical stimulation offers indoor cats in particular. Julie's Siamese cats, Sissy and Missy, enjoy the indoor life thanks to cat towers and cat trees from Ace Cat Furniture.


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