Tips For Selecting a Cat Condo

on Saturday, November 20, 2010
Cat Condo Feline condo designs range from ultra modern structures to ones made to resemble trees and waterfalls to elaborate castles complete with towers and turrets.
When selecting a Cat Condo for your cat, it is important that you not only keep in mind how the Cat Condo is built, and looks, but also at the features that it has to offer to your cat.
Cat condos are also made from a multitude of different materials that as a potential buyer you need to carefully examine. If you want your cat condo to double as a scratching post it is important that you make certain that the material provided for scratching is going to appeal to your Cat Condo.
Cats are very particular about where they scratch, hence their preference for the most expensive piece of furniture in the house. They like a surface that is thick enough to get their claws into but that will have some give to it. One of the best materials for this is sisal rope. Many cat condo offer areas where they use different colors of sisal rope to allow the cat a place to clean and sharpen his claws.
Sleeping areas on the condo are often made out of different fabrics to offer your pet a softer more relaxing area. Some condos use faux fur while others stick to the more traditional carpet like material.
One of the most important things to look at when buying a condo for your cat is what is under the material. You want to ensure that the condo has a good heavy base and will not tip or fall over. If a condo is not stable, your pet will not use it. Moreover, and obviously for the safety of your feline friend, you want to make certain that he will not be injured in a vigorous play session due to poor construction.
A cat condo is truly a great way of enriching the life of your pet. A cat that is indoors all the time will especially appreciate having his own space and play center.


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