Looking For Cat Condo Trees?

on Saturday, April 9, 2011
Cat condo trees Looking For Cat Condo Trees? can give your bed and furniture a break from fur and scratch marks. A cat condo is a special place all your cat's own, a hide away from the kids, a private and quiet bed, and in many cases, an activity center to keep them entertained while you're away. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, from a single covered bed area, to a multi-tiered combination of hide away places, platforms, and play toys the go all the way to the ceiling. Some of these are so elaborate they can even resemble real trees, with fake bark and leaves. These have trunks that are completely enclosed with just a few openings for your cat/s to peak out of, and high platforms where you can can concealed by fake foliage. Of course these are extremely expensive, running from $400 to well over $1,500.
Luckily, cat condo trees don't have to be that expensive. Many cat condo styles run about fifty dollars, even ones that have multiple platforms and spaces for sleeping. Even ones that are quite extensive, with many tiers, as tall as the ceiling with run you just a few hundreds of dollars, but they are well worth it. There are many different advantages of having one of these trees for you pets.

Cat condo trees usually have at least one post that has tightly woven rope wrapped around it. Trained at an early age, or coated with catnip a few times, these areas of the cat condo will be used as a scratching post, instead of your furniture. The more the get used to sleeping in the condo part, the less cat hair you will have all over the house. These creations can also be a good way for and indoor cat to get exercise, and have things to do while you're at work. When you get goes crazy one the tree, playing with the hanging toys, chasing their companion up and down the platforms, they can provide owners with entertainment as well.
There are some things that you need to know when buying your cat condo trees. One of them is to make sure the bottom platform is wide and heavy, in order to keep stable while your cat is playing on it. The whole thing should also be made of wood or other sturdy material, to support the weight of your pets, and to stand up against wear and tear. The platforms, condo spaces, and other hang out areas should be covered in carpet, so your cats will have something to grip when they are jumping around, and be cozy in their hiding space. At least one of the trunk parts of the tree should have the rope wrapped around it, and in many cases, all of them will. If you are planning to buy a ceiling high model, make sure you secure it well, so it doesn't accidentally tip over from regular play.
Some places to buy your cat condo trees or cat condo by itself is from you local pet supply store. They will have an abundance of different models and styles to choose from. Now before you buy from a local store, which may be convenient, it is still a good idea to check online to compare prices. The difference is going to be that buying online will mean having to pay shipping, as well as the possibility of putting it together yourself.


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